Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hopes & Dreams

It is the greatest time of the year!  I always get excited to welcome our students back to school.  The energy in and around Warner Elementary is contagious.  This summer I bumped into so many of our students and the vast majority were fired up to come back.  This was really cool to me.  This made me believe we were making great progress in our efforts to make school enjoyable.  Which brings me to my thoughts on Hopes and Dreams.

I'm blessed to be a father, and with that being said I gotta walk down memory lane.  I remember the first time I took Drew to school.  It was September 2007.  The day was beautiful, about 70 degrees and the sun was ducking in and out of the clouds.  Drew was so excited to go to school.  He was smiling and happy.  My wife and I bought new school clothes for Drew and got his haircut.  That was the surface stuff...but underneath all that was our Hopes & Dreams for our son.

Amy and I Dreamed of Drew making friends, enjoying school, learning and coming home excited to share what happened during his day.

We also Hoped Drew would develop interests and eventually find a career that he loved.  Our Hopes and Dreams revolved around our son being happy, safe and continuously growing as a person.

Amy and I had and still have Hopes and Dreams for Drew.  Now that Drew is older our Hopes and Dreams have changed slightly, but overall we still want him to love to learn and continuously grow. Our big dream for Drew is that he is a happy, joyful person.  This summer I participated in a book study.  The book was titled, Beyond The Bake Sale.  This book study changed my life.  It all started with the four core beliefs:

1)  All Parents Have Dreams for Their Children and Want the Best for Them -

2)  All Parents Have the Capacity to Support Their Children's Learning -

3)  Parents and School Staff Should Be Equal Partners -

4)  The Responsibility for Building Partnerships Between School and Home Rests Primarily with School Staff, Especially Leaders -

As a parent and principal I believe in the four core beliefs.  I believe that we need to develop a partnership that helps each child be successful.  Will there be bumps in the road?  Yes. Adversity is not a bad thing, it helps us grow, learn and collaborate ways to help children succeed.

I challenge all of you, share your Hopes and Dreams with your child's teacher.  I bet this will help develop the Family-School Partnership.  Ultimately it comes down to communication and attitude.  As adults we have the power of choice.  We all have Hopes and Dreams for our children.  For our kids to meet their potential it takes a village.  This is not a one-person job, this is a partnership to help all kids succeed.  I hope you will choose to walk side-by-side with your child's school and form a true partnership.

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