Sunday, June 8, 2014

Did you know?

The final week of school is upon us and with that comes Summer.  This word (Summer) brings smiles to kids around the World.  But it isn't all smiles from an educational perspective.  In this post I will share some of the research surrounding Summer Break.

1)  Did you know that students regularly lose 2-3 months of knowledge each summer?  This is fact! The research specifically points to summer knowledge loss.  Check out this website: What is Summer Learning Loss? 

How do we combat this slide?  It is vital to give students opportunities.  
- Summer Camps
- Trail Walks
- Library Visits
- Arts & Crafts
- Build objects out of various materials
- Allow children to help in the kitchen

Research confirms that students desire structure, part of the summer knowledge loss centers around an overall lack of structure.  You can help your child by instilling a layer of structure and consistency.  

2)  Did you know Summer Camps are good for kids?  Over six million kids go off to camp each summer. This is great for encouraging independence and getting kids to exit their comfort zone.  We all know the best learning takes place when we try new things and we don't fear failure.  The research says, parents often site homesickness for not sending kids to camp, when in all honesty it is childsickness on the behalf of the adults. Simply put parents are reluctant to let go.  Check out this article:  Should I be sending my child to camp?

Summer camps are great for kids because they - 
- Learn/Gain Resiliency
- Spend their day being physically active
- Develop Life Skills
- Unplug 
- Learn Social Skills
- Grow more independent

3)  Did you know the best role model during summer is a Parent?  Parents need to be role models for learning.  It's important that parents make learning enjoyable and a life long skill.  Here are some parent tips to help you role model for your kids.

- Read in a visible place
- Reflect on events, what went well and what could be improved
- If you're planning a trip get out a map for the family to study together
- Simply talk to your child about something you are learning at work
- Be open with your child about something you have always wondered, then research together

Check out these two websites:

In just a couple of days students will be off for nearly ten weeks.  It is my hope that we make a conscious effort to not allow students to lose knowledge.  What will you do to help your child during the summer break?  

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