Thursday, March 28, 2013

Staying Connected

As a father and an educator I find my level of connectedness is rather deep, but occasionally uneven.

I was searching for data on parent involvement and I stumbled across a graph.  It shows that 34% of parents were in contact with their child's teacher in the last week.  I started thinking, is this the case at Warner Elementary?  So I dug a bit deeper.  If you add pieces of the graph together you get an interesting percentage.  50% of parents have connected with their child's teacher in the last month.  Once again I thought, is this the case at Warner Elementary?  

I actually think the percentage is higher at Warner Elementary.  Now my viewpoint may be biased and it may also be skewed, but I believe in the last month the percentage of parents that have connected with their child's teacher is probably closer to 70%.  

I'm sure some will say that is high, but we did have parent/teacher conferences, we did have donuts with mom and donuts with dad.  These events open communication lines and create connectedness.
Why does connectedness matter?  Research tells us that when a teacher and parent communicate student accountability rises.  I believe this to be true.  I find great value in parent/teacher communication.  Check out this graph on parent/teacher communication~

Check out this article on Parent Involvement:  Parent Involvement Fact Sheet

Ultimately my goal is to encourage parents and teachers to keep the communication lines open.  Talk on the phone, email, Skype, text, or meet face to face.  Our kids will benefit from strong parent/teacher relationships.  

What's Coming Up At Warner:

March 29th - April 7th:  Spring Break
Tuesday, April 9th:  PTO Meeting 7pm in the Warner Library
Thursday, April 11th:  Spring Pictures at Warner
Thursday, April 11th:  Kindergarten Orientation at CAC 7pm
Saturday, April 13th: Vendor Fair at Warner Elementary for more info contact Jody Rooney
April 22-25th: Kindergarten Round-Up @ Parma Elementary

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